Embrace the Site Reliability Mindset with Alex Ewerlöf, Sr. Staff Engineer @ Volvo Cars 🚗 and SRE thought leader.  Understand how the different aspects of site reliability work together 🪢 and when you need a DevOps vs. Platform Team vs. SRE. Find out how to set  your own Service Level Indicators (SLI), Service Level Objectives (SLO), and Service Level Agreements (SLA), as clearly laid out by the creator of the Service Level Calculator.  Listen to find out:

  • SRE 👷 vs.  DevOps ⚒️ vs. Platform Engineering🏗️
  • Service Level 101: How to set SLIs🚦, SLOs 🎯and SLAs 🤝
  • Washing Machine 🧺🫧   vs. Laundry Room🫧🏘️: The Challenges of  Standardization
  • OnCall🎧⚠️: Centralised vs. Team-based?
  • The unique software challenges of the automotive industry.  

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