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The complete list of all our members ordered by last name.

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A. B.
Senior Vice President . Product Managment Programmatic & Data
Abhishek S.
Sr Software Engineer at Netflix
A. S.
CTO | Member of the Executive Board
A. M.
Adam Stanski
Co-Founder & Managing Director at Verbally GmbH
Adrian Vicovan
CTO and Co-Founder at Boxcribe
A. N.
Chief Technology Officer
Alejandro Freire Mendoza
CEO at Datalsia
Aleksander Koleski
Director of Engineering at Adviqo GmbH
Aleksey Kolupaev
CTO and cofounder at
Alesia Braga
Chief Technology Officer at SmartRecruiters
Alex Bendig
CTO/Co-Founder at Bevy (
Alex Bierhaus
Freelance CTO and Tech Advisor at
Alex Korotkikh
CTO at pliant
A. P.
Founder & CTO
A. B.
Startup Solutions Architect
Alexander Bibighaus
VP of Engineering at Klara
Alexander Braunreuther
CTO & Co-Founder at Ninetailed
Alexander Feiglstorfer
CTO and Co-Founder at Storyblok GmbH
Alexander Kong
Chief Technology Officer at Styla
Alexander Mädge
CTO at knk Business Software AG
Alexander Prams
CTO & Co-Founder at Kertos
A. T.
Alexander Vey
Co-Founder & CTO at fino
Alexandre Bini
Co-Founder & CTO at DEX Screener
Alexey Chaplygin
Chief Technology and Product Officer at Expondo
Alexey Olkhovoi
CTO at Vectorly
A. A.
Founder & CEO
Allan de Queiroz
VP of software engineering at BlackRock
Amal Khezami
VP of Engineering at PayFit France
Amelie Husson
Head of IT at Axialys
Amir Friedman
VP Engineering at Unzer
Amr Noureldin
Account CTO for Autonomous Driving - BMW at DXC Technology
Anand (Andy ) Ankam
Head of Platforms and Product Engineering at Carousell
Ananda Krishna
Co-Founder & CTO at Astra Security
Andi Zink
VP of Engineering at SumUp
Andre Duis
VP of Engineering at Cognigy
A. N.
Chief Technology Officer
Andre Vella
CTO at Paddle
Andre Zayarni
Co-founder & CEO at Qdrant
A. B.
IBM Fellow and IBM Z CTO Platform Management & Optimization
Andreas Frankenberger
CTO at Omniaretail
A. G.
Andreas Gmeiner
Chief Technology Officer at truckoo
A. J.
Co-Founder & CTO
Andreas Katzig
Andreas Poschen
Director of Digital Solutions & Software Engineering at PRYM
Andreas Schranzhofer
CTO at Scalable Capital
Andreas Schuler
Chief Technology Officer at Voycer Digital GmbH
A. T.
Head of Sofware Engineering
Andreas Thies
CTO at The Creative Club
A. W.
Andreas Wixler
CTO & Co-Founder at FINN
Andreas Ziethen
CTO at ScaleCommerce GmbH
Andrei Dunca
CTO at Cargo
Andrei Popov
CTO at People-Analytix AG
Andrei Vazhnov
VP of Product Architecture at Real Broker
Andrej Guran
Co-Founder & CTO at Xily
A. N.
Aneesh Jain
VP of Technology at ThrivePass
Anil Can Baykal
Chief Technology Officer at kfzteile24 GmbH
A. H.
Managing Director
A. S.
Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin
Anna Tidstam
CTO at Deepc
A. V.
Co-Founder and CTO
Anton Foth
CTO & Co-Founder at Baobab
Anton Nytorp
CTO at LMK Group
Anton Zagorskii
CTO at Lumio Technologies Ltd
A. Y.
Arik Reiter
Managing Director at Verivox GmbH
A. G.
A. S.
Chief Technology Officer
Aykut Çevik
Managing Director / Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at GmbH
Barry Nagel
CTO at UP42
Barzel Segal
Executive Vice President Engineering at Forto
Bastiaan van de Rakt
Co-Founder at Deeploy
Ben Hartig
Co-Founder & CTO at nuvo
B. K.
Angel Investor
Benjamin Constantine
Chief Information Officer at Goodgame Studios
Benjamin Eckart
Head of Consumer Technology (acting as CTO for all consumer businesses) at GmbH
B. J.
Co-Founder & Chairman
Benjamin Sauer
VP Engineering at Climedo Health GmbH
Benjamin Schneider
VP Engineering at Jodel
Benjamin Wulff
Co-Founder & CTO at Procuros
Bernard O'Flynn
Chief Technology Officer at Itsapark
B. M.
Chief Technology Officer
Bjoern Brauel
CTO at BouWatch: security, safety and compliance under one roof
B. S.
B. L.
Head of IT
Bobbet Castillo
Chief Technology and Information Security Officer at PETNET Inc
Bogdan Sevriukov
VP of Engineering at Apriwell
B. D.
Bosse Küllenberg
Brian Porter
CTO at CARFAX Europe
B. F.
Callum Dryden
Chief Technology Officer at AZA
C. S.
Co-CEO & Founder
Carlos Anthony Yniguez
Head of Digital Unit at Bitburger Digital
Carsten Windler
Head Of Engineering at KW-Commerce GmbH
Cezary Olejarczyk
CEO/CTO and Co-Founder at Open Loyalty
C. A.
Engineering Manager
C. G.
Co-Founder & CTO
C. L.
Independent Project Director
Charlie Barker
CTO at Tulipshare
Chen Zamir
Co-Founder, CTO at Fraugster
Chris Dornhoff
CTO at Krombacher
Chris Philipps
Managing Partner at Philipps & Byrne GmbH
C. R.
VP Engineering
Chris Stephenson
CTO at Humanitec
Christian Beedgen
CTO & Co-Founder at Sumo Logic
Christian Dalsvaag
CTO at ScaleupXQ
Christian Dupuis
Co-Founder at Atomist
Christian Graf
Co-Founder and CTO at Superglue
C. H.
Christian Jennewein
CTO & Co-founder at Ciklet
Christian Kaar
VP Product at Leaders21
C. R.
CEO & Co-Founder
C. K.
Venture Partner
Christof Wegmann
Founder & CTO at Photon Engine
C. A.
C. G.
CEO & Founder
Christoph Hartmann
Director Of Technology at CarePay International
C. M.
CTO & Co-Founder
Christoph Strasen
CTO at FinCompare - Smarter Business Finance
C. T.
Site Reliability Engineering Manager
C. F.
Partner & Founder
Christopher de Bruin
CTO at LichtBlick SE
Christopher Silva
Global CTO at (Audibene)
C. B.
CTO & Co-Founder
Claudio Cicali
Staff Developer at Shopify
C. T.
Head of Solutions Architecture Digital Native Businesses - DACH
Cyra Richardson
Chief Product Officer / Chief Technology Officer Attabotics at Attabotics Inc.
Damien Bertholet
Chief Technology Officer at Berrycast
Damien Pacaud
Director of Engineering at Spendesk
D. C.
Senior Manager Amazon Photos
Dan Greenfield
Co-founder at PetaGene
D. S.
Dan Wilson
Chief Technology Officer at Control Plane Corporation
Daniel Baker
CTO & Co-Founder at Qubit9 GmbH
Daniel Bartholomae
Chief Technology Officer at optilyz
Daniel Better
CTO at Manna
Daniel Freudenberger
CTO/ Co-Founder at reBuy reCommerce GmbH
Daniel Gebler
Founder & CTO at Picnic Technologies
Daniel Hartmann
CTO at JobCloud AG
Daniel Krauss
CTO/CPO/CIO at FlixMobility
D. K.
Director Technology
Daniel Manzke
CTO & Co-Founder at (Techstars ´21)
Daniel Mendalka
CTO at Masterplan com GmbH
Daniel Schiessl
CTO at GovRadar GmbH
Daniel Seif
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Perfect Drive Sports Group GmbH
Daniel Vöckler
CTO at Flowers-Software GmbH
D. W.
CTO & Co-founder
Darío Blanco Iturriaga
VP of Engineering at parcelLab
Dat Tran
CTO & Co-Founder at Priceloop
D. A.
Chief Technology Officer
D. B.
David Gebhardt
Chief Product & Technology Officer (CTO & CPO), GmbH at Adevinta
David Hasovic
Founder at Superthread - The Fastest Issue Tracker Ever Made
D. K.
David Krings
Co-Founder & CTO at aifora GmbH
D. N.
CTO & Co-Founder
David Werner
Associate Director of Engineering at Wayfair
Davide Coletto
CTO Chief Technology Officer at Namirial Group
Deborah Causton
Chief Product & Technology Officer at Urban Sports Club
Deepak Kumar
CTO at Joyn GmbH
Deepankar Jha
Co-Founder & CTO at pockid
Denis Bauer
CTO at Joblift
Denis Cornehl
Selbstständiger IT-Berater und Entwickler at Freelance
Dennis Joseph Roehner
CTO & Co-Founder at ForkOn GmbH
D. K.
D. P.
Chief Technology Officer
Dennis Winter
VP Technical Operations at Solarisbank AG
Denny Riedl
CTO & Co-Founder at talent360 GmbH
Dieter Granitzki
ITA-Analyst und Scrum-Master für Congstar at
Dimitri Baeli
Member of the TechStaff at BackMarket
Dmitry Kharchenko
Chief technology Officer & Chief Data Officer at Friendsurance
Dmytro Nechyporenko
Chief Technology Officer at EMIL Group GmbH
D. V.
Director Of Engineering
Dominic Phillips
Co-Founder at CodeSubmit
Dominik Bruhn
CTO at Vimcar
D. N.
Dominik Picker
Co-Founder & CTO at
D. R.
Co-Founder & CTO
D. W.
Managing Partner / CTO
Don Brown
CTO at
Dr. Benjamin Kreck
Global Technology Officer - Client Technology at EY
Dr. Daniel Hauschildt
CTO at
M. M.
VP Engineering & Data
R. R.
Managing Director
S. S.
Chief Product Officer
Dr. Vivien Dollinger
CEO at ObjectBox
Dragan Gil Stefanov
CTO at digidip
Dragan Mileski
Co-Founder & CTO at Climedo Health GmbH
Dror Yosef
GM Israel & CTO at Fundbox
Dustin Jaacks
Co-Founder & CTO at Heyflow
Ed McCaffrey
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at ONvocal
E. H.
Deep Learning @ NVIDIA
Elmar Weber
CTO at Amboss
E. S.
Emin Ersan Mjumjunov
Chief Technology Officer at SPREAD GmbH
Eric Bowman
Chief Technology Officer at TomTom
Eric Heymann
Senior Manager Cloud Transformation Advisory EMEA at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
E. v.
É. A.
President and Board Member
Erik Muttersbach
Co-Founder | Managing Director at Forto
Ertan Özdil
Member at weclapp SE
Eugen Falkenstein
Co-Founder & CEO at everysize GmbH
E. T.
F. F.
Fabian Hagen
CTO and Co-Founder at FAAREN Group GmbH
F. K.
Geschäftsführer, CTO / CPO
Fabian Lucas
CTO / CPTO at 7Mind
F. W.
Founder & MD
Fabrice Ongenae
CTO at Algoan
Fahad Anwar
Director Of Technology at
Felix Bauer
Chief Technology Officer at 3YOURMIND
Felix Eckhardt
IT-Beratung & Softwareentwicklung at Rocket Solutions GmbH
Felix Eichler
CTO & Co-Founder at Userlane
Felix Gessert
Founder & CEO at Baqend
F. H.
Executive Chairman & Founder
Felix Haberland
Co-Founder & CTO / CPO at everstox
F. M.
Felix Schürholz
Managing Director at SoSafe Cyber Security Awareness
F. B.
Florian Bücklers
CTO and Founder at Baqend
Florian Leinfelder
CTO at home24 SE
Florian Otte
CTO at KELLER Group GmbH
Florian Preusner
CTO at Wine in Black GmbH
F. P.
Co-Founder & CTO
F. S.
Florian Wezel
CTO at
Francesco Delfino
Co-Founder at Musixmatch
Frane Bandov
Chief Technology Officer at Myos
Frank Birzle
Co-Founder at Klar
Frank Boettiger
F. S.
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Franziska Löw
CTO and Founder at Localyze
Frédéric Rivain
CTO at Dashlane
Frederik Kraus
Chief Technology Officer at AutoScout24
F. V.
Board Member
Friedrich Koebler
Head of Engineering - SAP Commerce Cloud at SAP
F. R.
Co-Founder & CTO
F. W.
GM Global Transportation Technology (Engineering, Product and Design)
Gaël Duez
Speaker - Curator - Strategist at
Gajus Kuizinas
Co-Founder, CTO at Contra
Georg Buske
Senior IT Director at Facily
G. H.
VP Engineering
G. P.
Georgios Gkekas
CTO at GmbH
Gerhard Maringer
CTO and Co-Founder at numa
Gil Danziger
Co-Founder & CTO at Mondu
Gilles Backhus
VP of AI / Founder at Recogni
Giovanni Luca Randisi
VP Product at home24 SE
Giulio Roggero
CTO & Co-Founder at Mia-Platform
Greg Ryzhov
Chief Technology Officer at Clue by Biowink
Grygoriy Gonchar
VP Engineering at heycar Group at heycar
Guillermo Tavidian
CTO at InfoCasas
G. F.
Executive Board Member
Gus Gollings
Chief Technical Officer at Zepto
Hagen Hübel
CTO at TokenForge GmbH
Hakeem Javaid
Founder at Groww™
Hanna Köpcke
Senior Solution Architect at Vistex
Hans Gruber
Group CTO Online Comparison Platform at Bauer Media Group at Bauer Media Group
H. J.
Co-Founder, VP Engineering (Data Science), Acting CTO
Heiki Riesenkampf
Co-Founder at Acapela
H. S.
Founder + CTO
Hendrik Nehnes
CTO and Co-Founder at Tilo
H. G.
(Interim) Chief Technology Officer
H. P.
H. L.
Henrique Boregio
Apple at Apple
Hizam Sahibudeen
Chief Technology Officer at NewStore
Holger Reinhardt
Chief Technology Officer at CANEI AG
Holger Rüprich
VP | Head of Customer Platforms at IONOS
H. F.
CIO & Co-Founder
Hubert Volz
Co-Founder & CTO at Shapematchr GmbH
Hugo Nogueira
CTO at Flash Ventures
Hylke Sprangers
Owner, CTO at Mount Holland
Hywel Carver
CEO at Skiller Whale
I.Q. Sayed
CTO & Co-Founder at Fenix
Ian P Cook
Chief Technology Officer at Knoema
Igor Bakman
CTO at Vivira Health Labs
I. W.
İ. D.
General Manager Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Ítalo Vietro
VP Platform Engineering at Urban Sports Club
Ivan Gammel
Freelance Information Technology Consultant at Freelance
Jakub Jasak
CTO and Co-Founder at Surglogs Inc.
J. B.
Founder and CTO
J. L.
J. L.
Jan Matysik
CTO at Container xChange
J. S.
CTO of test IO
J. S.
Jan Thomas
CPTO (Chief Product & Technology Officer) at bookingkit GmbH
J. T.
CTO Consultant
J. v.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
J. W.
CTO & Co-Founder
Jannis Hermanns
iCloud Security and Cloud Services Security at Apple
J. N.
Chief Technology Officer
J. G.
Jeff Kramer
Co-Founder & CTO at Transparent Financial Systems
Jens Graupmann
SVP Product and Innovation at Exasol
J. G.
advisor - principal consultant - cto
Jens Hinrichs
Chief Technology Officer at Strandbutler
J. N.
Jim Allen
Chief Technology Officer at Jimdo
Joa Ebert
Senior Vice President Of Technology & Architecture at LTN Global
J. P.
J. J.
CIO and Member of the Management Board
J. S.
Chief Technology Officer
J. W.
Group CIO
J. B.
Co-Founder and CEO
Joe Pettersson
Chief Technology Officer at Banked
Joel Parks
Chief Technology Officer at Appvia
Joerg Braner
CTO at CleverShuttle
Johann-Peter Hartmann
Founder at Mayflower GmbH
Johannes Boyne
CTO and Co-Founder at DQC
J. D.
Johannes Hansen
CIO / Vice President Information Management at Eurowings
Johannes Rudolph
CTO and Co-Founder at meshcloud GmbH
J. S.
Johannes Schröder
Chief Technology Officer at Veta Health
John Webber
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at roadsurfer GmbH
J. H.
J. M.
CTO (Merchant Services) and MD Payoneer Germany
Jonathan Morrice
Founder & CTO at Perdoo
Joonathan Mägi
Chief Technology Officer at Klaus
Jörg Rech
CEO & Founder at Techmap GmbH
Jörg Treiner
Division Manager at adesso insurance solutions GmbH
Jörn Stampehl
CTO at optimise-it GmbH
Joscha Krug
CEO at Makaira GmbH
Joschka Tillmanns
Co-Founder at Mooncamp
Josef Auer
CTO for Hire at Zeile7
Josh Prewitt
Chief Product Officer at Rackspace Technology
Josh Winters
Director of Engineering at VisitPay
Joshua Blackburn
Founder & CTO, IEX Cloud at IEX Group
Jozef Képesi
CTO at
Juan Galan
CTO at EQS Group AG
Juan Vidal
Chief Technology Officer at Mercanis
Julian Krenge
Gründer & CTO at parcelLab
Julian Vogels
Treasurer at MusicTech Germany
Julien Blancher
CTO at Finary
Jürgen Vogel
Senior Director Engineering, CX at Dixa
Justin Kalland
CTO at eve
K. S.
CTO & Co-Founder
Karl Hunger
Co-Founder / Managing Director at Stealth Startup
Karl Pitrich
Chief Technology Officer at Mister Spex
Karl Sponholz
Chief Product and Technology Officer at Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation mbH
Karla-Maria Zinreich
CEO at Genistat AG
Kathy Keating
VP of Technology at Ad Hoc LLC
Keith Pitt
Chief Executive Officer at Buildkite
Kiran Patel
Chief Technology Officer at WGSN
K. B.
K. K.
Konstantin Krauss
Founder at Ciara
Konstantinos Rousis
Chief Technology Officer at samedi GmbH
Kore Nordmann
CTO Composable Frontend Platform at commercetools
K. B.
Chief Product Officer & Chief Technology Officer
L. B.
Lars Jankowfsky
Founder at NFQ Asia
Lars Klein
Co-Founder & CTO at Wingly
L. R.
Lars Schüttemeyer
CTO at Schüttflix
L. S.
Produktmanager Qualitätssicherung
Laura Bârlădeanu
Head Of Engineering at Meister
L. d.
Co-Founder & MD
Leo Antoli
Senior Software Engineer at Amazon
Leon von Tippelskirch
CEO & Founder at Quartett mobile
Loucas Gatzoulis
Chief Technology Officer at Education Perfect
Luca Demmel
VP Engineering at Numa group GmbH
Lucas Recknagel
CTO at AMPEERS Energy GmbH
Lucia Payo Molina
CTO & Co-Founder at exakt health
Luis Cipriani
Luise Linden
CTO | Managing Director at Penta
Lukas Weber
Co-Founder at Vimcar
Lukas Zuegge
CTO at Advaneo GmbH
L. L.
Maik Oliver Ludewig
CTO, Managing Director at Oetker Digital GmbH
Malte Schiebelmann
SVP Product & Technology at Contorion
Manuel Aldana
CTO at eBay Kleinanzeigen
M. Z.
M. H.
M. L.
Director of Product
M. S.
Marc Vontobel
CEO at Starmind
Marcel Oostdijk
Oprichter en CTO at Outfox
Marcel Pierry
Director of Engineering at Visual Meta GmbH
M. S.
Director Product & Operations (Business Unit Germany / Innovation & Digital)
Marcelo Wiermann
Head of Engineering at Cococart
Marco Hülsmann
Chief Operations & Technology Officer at
M. K.
CTO / Member of the Executive Board
Marco Kunze
CTO at XOM Materials
M. L.
M. S.
Managing Director
Marcus Bittrich
Chief Product Officer at NewStore
Marcus Meyer
[email protected] Finance at Pectus Finance
Maria Meier
CTO and Co - founder at Phantasma
Marian Zange
Co-founder & CTO at Voxalyze
M. K.
Associate Director of Product - Data Platform
Mario Möllenbeck
SAP-Basis-Berater (Inhouse) at Canyon Bicycles GmbH
Mario U.
CTO at PriceHubble AG
Marius Krämer
Mark Batty
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at None
Mark MacMahon
CTO at Silvertours
Mark Watson
CTO at ComplyAdvantage
Marko Schilde
CTO at Legal One GmbH
M. V.
Markus Dücker
CTO and Co-Founder at Talentspace
Markus Junginger
CTO at ObjectBox
Markus Mosebach
Chief Technical Officer at Circlon | group
M. R.
Lead Engineer & Co-Founder
Markus Schneider
CTO at Alphapet Ventures GmbH
M. S.
Head of Product
M. W.
Managing Director
Marlon Rüscher
Chief Technology Officer at KUGU
Martin Brüggemann
Gründer & CEO at brgmn GmbH
Martin Brunthaler
Co-Founder & CTO at Adverity GmbH
M. B.
Managing Director / Tech Lead
Martin Frericks
CTO and Co-Founder at 42 Ads GmbH
Martin Kayser
CPTO, Technical Co-Founder at Seenons
M. K.
Director IT
Martin Loetzsch
Chief Technology Officer at MISA.ART
M. G.
M. M.
Founding Partner & Leadership Coach
Mathias Nestler
CTO at AccessOwl
M. N.
VP Engineering - Global Data
Mathieu Trivulce
Matt Biggin
VP Engineering at Egress
Matt Dalton
VP Engineering at
Matteo Latini
Managing Partner at Nebulab
Matthias Affeldt
Co-Founder and CTO at vanilla steel
Matthias Bolz
CTO at Jochen Schweizer mydays Group
Matthias Hoppe
Senior Director Software Engineering at insightsoftware Deutschland GmbH
Matthias Jugel
Co-Founder / CTO at UBIRCH GmbH
Matthias Keller
Chief Scientist at KAYAK
M. L.
CTO & Co - Founder
M. M.
Ideas Management
Max Kramer
CTO at Vitamin
M. M.
M. F.
Maximilian Messing
Co-Founder & CTO at Sastrify
Maximilian Panzner
CTO & Co-Founder at
M. S.
Co-Founder & CTO
M. T.
Mayank Sikaria
President, Head of Technology & Cofounder at Sibros
Mert Öztekin
Chief Technology Officer at Just Eat
Michael Alers
Director of Engineering Core at Wolt
M. B.
Michael Ekstein
CTO as Chief Architect at Amdocs
Michael Fialik
Co-Founder, Engineering at Saiga
Michael Hummel
CTO at MeinAuto Group
M. K.
M. K.
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Ledin
Chief Technology Officer at BotHelp
Michael Maretzke
Chief Technology Officer at Temedica
Michael Munder
Director E-Commerce at Porta Möbel
Michael Nowak
CTO at jameda GmbH
Michael Rüffer
CTO at Smartbroker AG
M. S.
Earlybird UNI-X Partner
M. S.
CTO & Co-Founder
M. v.
Group CDO and CIO, Member of the Group Management Board
Michael Wessendorf
CTO at endios GmbH
Michael Wilke
Founder at GmbH
M. W.
Operating Tech Partner
Michal Bil
CTO and Co-founder at The Swarm
Michał Czapracki
CTO at Scramjet
Michelle Tian
Co-founder & CTO at Passionfroot
Mike Rötgers
Founder & CTO at Cargo One GmbH
Mikhail Golubtsov
Chief Technology Officer at LiVE! Technologies AG
Mirko Schmidt
Co-Founder and CTO at Quality Match GmbH
Moataz Soliman
CTO at Instabug
M. H.
Strategischer Berater
Moritz von Hase
CTO & Founder at Home HT GmbH
Moritz Zimmermann
General Partner at 42CAP
Mykhailo Kyrychenko
Chief Technology Officer at ndgit
Nash Trajkovski
Chief Technology Officer at Fat Zebra
Nasim Al-Tamimi (He / Him)
Chief Technology Officer at riskmethods
Nathan Anderson
Chief Technology Officer at Jungle Disk
Neil Hodgson
CTO at GAN Integrity
Neil Turner
CTO at GoCardless
Nick Eshkenazi
Chief Digital Technology Officer at Woolworths Group
N. S.
N. O.
Founder & CEO
Nicolas Peters
Co-CTO at Signavio GmbH
Nicolas Schubhan
Directeur technique at
Nicole Faulise
Head of Engineering at NurseDash
N. R.
Chief Technology Officer
N. S.
Niklas Schreiber
Head Of Development at HAUSGOLD | talocasa GmbH
Nikolay Dimolarov
Founder & CTO at Kranus Health GmbH
N. G.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
N. K.
Managing Director
N. L.
Manager "360 Monitoring"
Nils Müller-Sheffer
Managing Director at Accenture DACH
Nils Weber
VP of Engineering at Haiilo
Nino Ulsamer
Co-Founder & CTO at StashAway
Nis Christian Carstensen
CTO / Leiter Entwicklung at Netfonds AG
Niv Liran
Chief Product and Technology Officer at Unzer
Noah Labhart
Co-Founder & CTO at Veryable
Norm Katz
Vice President R&D at Seqster
Norman Timmler
Managing Director at Njiuko GmbH
Oddur Magnusson
CTO at Klang Games
O. D.
Olaf Petzschmann
CTO at Systrion AG
Olaf Zschiedrich
CTO at Vestiaire Collective
Oleksii Ishchenko
Director Of Engineering (Unzer Pay Later) at Unzer
Oleksii Polishchuk
Head Of Software Development at Seven Senders
O. K.
Founder of SocialObjects GmbH
Oliver Löffler
Founder at BLN Capital
Oliver Thamm
Founder at
O. W.
Oliver Wehrens
VP Product Engineering at smava GmbH
O. B.
Chief Technology Officer
O. E.
Co-Founder | Investment Director
Onur Erdoğan
Deputy CEO at Testinium
Örs Apor Horváth
Founder & CEO at OR Security
O. H.
Osman Agirbas
Managing Director Digital Products & Technology at Interhyp AG
Otto von Wesendonk
Independent Tech & Startup Consultant at Freelance
OZ Lavee
CTO at Panaya
Pamela Gotti
Chief Technology Officer at Credimi
P. N.
CTO & Co-Founder
Pascal Alich
VP of Engineering at Resourcify
P. F.
Managing Director
Patrick Brückner
Vice President Engineering at fino
P. D.
Chief Technology Officer
Patrick McDavid
Chief Technology Officer at BombBomb
P. H.
Chief Technology Officer
Paul Onnen
Chief Technology Officer at PayFit France
Pavel Jurasek
CTO at Hypofriend GmbH
Pavlo Voznenko
Chief Technology Officer at Seven.One Entertainment Group
Pawan Darda
CTO at Pelago (Singapore Airlines Venture)
Paweł Rychlik
Co-Founder at Voucherify
Pedro Gil Carvalho
Head Of Engineering at lengoo
Pete Gamache
CTO at Appcues
Peter Grosskopf
Co-Founder / CTO at Unstoppable Finance
P. G.
Freelance Tech Lead
Peter Minev
Group CTO at CLARK
Peter Röhner
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at collaboration Factory AG
Petr Chalupa
Phil Mullan
CTO at Unmind
Philip Leonard
Director of Platform at Picnic Technologies
Philip Miglinci
CTO & Co-Founder at Glasskube
P. P.
P. E.
Philipp Moeser
Managing Director at DigitalService4Germany
Philipp Reichle
Co-Founder & Technical Fellow at Homeday GmbH
Philipp von Criegern
Tech Lead at OTTO Group
Philipp Wiegel
Director Technology, viafintech at Paysafe Group
Philippe Van Eerdenbrugghe
Head of Engineering at Nodalview
P. G.
CEO & Co-Founder
Piotr Karwatka
Co-Founder at Catch the Tornado
Rachel Potvin
VP of Engineering at GitHub
R. K.
Sr. Director of Engineering
Raimund Reisinger
CTO at Sunday Natural Products GmbH
Rainer Collet
Managing Partner | Co-Founder at ValueRebels
R. K.
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Ralf Schramm
CTO & Co-Founder at Honic
Ramo Karahasan-Riechardt
Co-Founder & CTO at Itembase
Ramzi Rizk
Co-Founder at Aware
Raphael Breitner
Co-Founder at PLANETICS
Raphael Syed
Principal Engineer at Bitly
R. R.
René Kray
Director IT Infrastructure at RatePAY GmbH
René Pfitzner
CEO / CTO & Founder at Experify AG / Experify Inc
R. A.
Director Customer Innovation
Rob Strey
Chief Technology Officer at Plantix
Robert Bordo
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Verlag Der Tagesspiegel
Robert Langner
CTO at KoRo Handels GmbH
Robert Lindstaedt
CTO at Charles GmbH
Robert Repnak
CTO at FFW Germany
Robert Schwegler
CTO at elopage GmbH
Roberto Hengist
Vice President of Technology at Cogna Educação
R. B.
Rodrigo Rodrigues
Vice President of Technology, CTO at Serasa Experian
R. M.
Senior Technical Architect
Roel Vliegen
VP of Engineering - Process Mining at UiPath
Rohit Nathany
Chief Product & Technology Officer at Mejuri
Roland Guelle
VP Technology at Avenga
R. W.
IT project leader in start ups and large matrix organisations
Romain Kuzniak
CTO at OpenClassrooms
Ronny Roeller
CTO at NEXT Technologies
Rupert Rockinger
VP, Technology Operations at Nielsen
Ryan Heath
CTO at Software2
Ryan Royal
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at interviewstream
Ryan Scoville
CTO at movingimage EVP GmbH
Sandeep Pandey
Principal Engineer at Verizon
Sanford J. Witcher III (Janes)
Industry CTO & Strategist at Microsoft
Sarp Dağ Demirel
VP of Engineering - Discovery at Vestiaire Collective
Sebastian Betz
Co-Founder & Managing Director at ABOUT YOU GmbH
Sebastian Galonska
CEO and Developer Agent at
S. H.
S. H.
Managing Director
S. K.
S. M.
Co-founder and CTO
Sebastian Perez
Chief Technology Officer at ePayco
S. S.
CEO & Co-Founder at Kubermatic
Sebastian Schlecht
Co-founder, Product & Engineering at Capmo
Sebastian Schürmann
Head of IT at Jura Online
Sebastian Waschnick
Tech Lead & Principal Engineer at Egoditor GmbH (Acquired by Bitly)
Sebastian Woinar
VP Engineering at D4L Data4Life gGmbH
Sébastien Chopin
Chief Executive Officer at NuxtLabs
S. A.
Sergiej Rewiakin
VP Engineering at Freeletics
Shadi Altarsha
Backend Engineer at Jodel
Shamyo (Sham) Chatterjee
Chief Information & Technology Officer at Satellite Healthcare / WellBound
Shane Emmons
Chief Technology Officer at Aktivate
S. H.
Sidharth Chugh
Director Of Engineering at Ratepay
Simon Baumer
Chief Technology Officer at Banzai
Simon Hohenadl
CTO at ClimatePartner
S. K.
Managing Director & CTO
S. M.
Simon Müller
CTO at wattx
S. M.
Chief Technology Officer
Simon Stemplinger
CTO at Comgy
Simone Basso
Chief Product and Technology Officer at Indie Campers
Snir Yarom
Chief Technology Officer at Codility
Sören Martius
Founder & CEO at Mineiros
Srikanth Achanta
Vice President Of Engineering at Visable
Stanislas Boyet
Co-Founder & CTO at Mosaic
Stanislav Komanec
Vice President Of Engineering - Platform at
S. B.
Stefan Damm
CTO at Runtastic GmbH
Stefan Gersmann
Tech Advisor at parcelLab
S. L.
Chief Technology Officer
S. L.
VP of Engineering
Stefan Richter
Owner at technologies gmbh
Stefan Rothlehner
Chief Technology Officer at Selfapy
S. T.
Founder and CEO
Stefan Weiss
Co-Founder & CTO at Cure Finance
Stefan Wiegreffe
Chief Technology Officer at esome advertising technologies GmbH
Steffen Behn
Co-CEO at celebrate company
S. G.
Independent IT & Management Consultant
S. H.
Chief Technology Officer
S. M.
CTO, Founder
Steffen Sandner
Director Digital Intelligence at Marc O'Polo International GmbH
Steffen Wenz
CTO at Workpath
Steinunn Arnardottir
CTO & Founder at Lottie
S. D.
Senior Engineering Manager
S. H.
Founding Partner
S. S.
S. S.
Stephen Lumenta
Chief Technology Officer at Memsource
S. C.
Styv Mermod
CTO at
S. K.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
S. L.
Sven Rosemann
CTO at Flaconi
S. V.
Vice President Product & Division Head "User"
Swamy Seetharaman
Allthings Tech @ at CRED
Szilard Toth
CTO at epilot
Szymon Madzielewski
Chief Technology Officer at HUBUC
Thanassis Bantios
CTO at Beat
Theo Chichirita
CTO & Co-Founder at Playter
T. C.
T. K.
Chairman & Co-Founder
T. B.
Geschäftsführer (CEO), Gesellschafter
Thomas Boltze
CTO at Asto UK
T. B.
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
Thomas Christian Thiele
Co-Founder & CTO at Valyria
T. D.
Director Engineering
T. E.
Director Softwareentwicklung
T. F.
Founder & Managing Partner
T. H.
Thomas Jespersen
CTO at Templafy
T. K.
Director Corporate Digital Business Development
T. L.
Thomas Ludwig
CTO at 1&1 Mail & Media Applications SE - GMX | WEB.DE |
Thomas Neumann
Group CTO at SIGNA Sports United
T. P.
CTO / Sprecher
T. v.
Co-Founder, CEO
T. L.
T. N.
Leitung IT
T. R.
Technischer Leiter
Till Gerken
Co-Founder at Evoleen
Tim Adler
CTO at Chefkoch GmbH
Tim Hautkappe
Tim Kolberg
CTO at FIND.Fashion
Tim Niemeier
Co-Founder at ROQ Technology
Tim von Hörsten
CPO at Myos
T. D.
Timon Ruban
Managing Director at Luminovo GmbH
Tobias Becker
Head Of Technology at OCEANSAPART
T. B.
Managing Director
Tobias Gagern
CTO & Co-Founder at SYNAOS
Tobias Höfler
Co-Founder & CTO at Raya Diagnostics
Tobias Janiesch
VP Product at SumUp
T. K.
CTO / Co-Founder / Head of Software Development
T. K.
Tobias Schlottke
Co-founder & Partner at
Tobias Schwab
Principal Software Engineer at Phrase
Tobias Widmer
Founder & CTO at Onedot
T. B.
Tom König
Head of Engineering at FINVIA
Tom Nick
VP of Engineering at re:cap
Tomasz Karwatka
CoFounder at Catch the Tornado
Torben Brodt
CTO at opinary
Torben Mallwitz
Director Engineering at GmbH
Torben Schwellnus
Chief Technology Officer at zolar
Torben Tschechne
CTO at Frischepost GmbH
T. R.
Co-founder and CEO
Trevor John
Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Underdog Fantasy
Trey Doig
Cofounder & CTO at Pathlight
Tristan Fischer
CTO at Metalshub
T. M.
Ulrich Callmeier
COO at Acrolinx
Ulrike Mueller
Angel Investor at Meetsales
Vadim Fîntînari
CTO at
Ven Muddu
Director, Solutions Development at National Automobile Dealers Association
Víctor Méndez
VP Engineering at BlaBlaCar
Vidal Graupera
Engineering Manager at LinkedIn
Vidya Mani
Chief Technology Officer at Nuri
V. C.
Chief Information Officer
Vikas Gupta
Chief Technology Officer at Choco
Vikrant Mahajan
Founder and CEO at JobTwine
V. S.
CTO & Co-founder
V. C.
Managing Partner
Vishal Gurbuxani
Co-Founder at Captiv8
Vlad Mangeym
Chief Technology Officer at SilverBills
Volker Braun
CTO at Real Life Interaction GmbH (
Wahid Rahim
CEO at Value3 GmbH
Wayne Freeman
CTO at Mettle
W. H.
Executive Director Frontend Engineering
W. T.
William Gill
Chief Product and Technology Officer at Plugsurfing
W. G.
Wolfram Kerl
Executive Director, Product Development at Shop-Apotheke
Yaki Zakai
CTO at Gett
Yaniv Preiss
Head Of Engineering at Finiata
Yann Ravel-Sibillot
CTO at Not So Dark
Yoav Yaari
VP Engineering at Eclypsium
Yossi Cohen
Chief Architect of the CTO at ZoomInfo at ZoomInfo
Z. D.
Web3 Advisor
Zakaria Jaiathe
Co-Founder and CEO at Waanda
Zhao Lu
Chief Technology Officer at Kontist
Zoltan Bettenbuk
CTO at
Zsolt Varga
CTO at Prerender