About Us

Accumulated Knowledge to Accelerate Growth

The αlphalist.cto network is a community of CTOs and other technical leaders who gather together to learn and grow beyond the alpha version of themselves.

Target group:
The best CTOs. Only CTOs of startups/companies that focus on developing a core tech product.

Focus Topics:
Tech, product, leadership, recruiting.

How it Began

The challenges of a CTO are unique - they need to deal with both the technical and team aspects of a tech company. For many, it's a lonely struggle. They need a place to discuss and learn from each other - a platform for CTOs to exchange ideas with others on their level. alphalist started with the mission to connect the top players in global tech ecosystem. What began as events and a Slack community, quickly became a podcast and a newsletter - all to support the CTO on their journey. We have become to go-to place for CTOs to share practical challenges and solutions and are now a valued player on the tech scene.

The Team