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exclusive and curated LIST OF THE TECH ELITE

Think of alphalist as a teta-layer for the core of Europe’s tech scene – with access to networking power, the best tech minds, knowledge of Triple A professionals and highly exclusive events.

We are Technology, Software, Deep Tech, Data Science and VC experts that want to strengthen their European tech network and exchange on their challenges.

Our channels: A moderated mailing list, Slack and regular events that we organize.


Target group: The best CTOs. Only CTOs of startups/companies that focus on developing a core tech product.

Focus Topics: Tech, product, leadership, recruiting.

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Reinventing web performance using webassembly

I just went from painting to programming as a very natural evolution

"My favorite team size is three people" - Podcast with David Heinemeier Hansson

People over Tech with Matthias Laug

Data is new oil - Podcast with Johannes Schaback

Mastering robotics, IoT and AI at once - Podcast with Ahti Heinla

How 90% of the companies do product wrong - Podcast with Marty Cagan

How to grow a SaaS company – Podcast with Sergei Anikin

Cybersecurity is a process, not a project

Brace for a future where 90% of your work is done by your machines - Podcast with Sebastian Thrun


Tobias Schlottke

Iskender Dirik

Johannes Schaback


Please reach out if you have a substantially attractive offering for the core of Germany's Tech, Startup and VC scene (like a highly exclusive event you want to invite alphalist members to).