Let’s become better Multipliers ✖️ in this CTO Podcast featuring Pat Kua, former CTO of N26 who by popular request now helps CTOs Level Up themselves and their teams. As a sought-after expert in helping ICs transition to leadership roles, Pat shares leadership gems with CTOs. Listen to find out:

  • Why you should fly high 🕊️and dive deep 🤿
  • Why even ICs need leadership skills 🧑‍💻
  • Maker⚒️ to Multiplier🌬️: What you need to unlearn when you move into management.
  • How to communicate: CRY Principle, Translate into Foreign Tongue 💬.. And TCP vs UDP Communication 
  • What the long German Hiring Cycles mean for CTOs



As the cloud landscape has evolved, so have its challenges. The shift from adopting to optimising public cloud infrastructure has forced born-in-the-cloud digital natives to grapple not only with growing technical complexities but also the intricacies of cost management and evolving best practices.  DoiT addresses these challenges head-on with an intelligent product portfolio and market-leading cloud expertise that equips engineering and finance teams to understand cloud costs in the context of their business, maximise savings with minimal effort, and make costs more predictable. Need help making sense of (and optimising) your cloud costs? Set up a call with a DoiT expert to learn about gaining access to DoiT’s FinOps and infrastructure specialists

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Instaffo is a recruiting platform that allows you to hire tech talent in less than 25 days. It is loved by over 600 companies - including HelloFresh, Amazon, and MyPoster. By leveraging sophisticated matchmaking and allowing you to chat directly with pre-qualified tech talent right on the platform they’ve made the hiring process 3X more effective. From ‘Matched’ to ‘Chat’ in one go. While classic job portals, in-house active sourcing and headhunters give you the headache of paying upfront, having high setup efforts and dealing with 30% hiring fees, with Instaffo this now history for you. As an alphalist listener, you get to enjoy the Instaffo recruiting platform absolutely free until you find that perfect hire. Already over 2.000 tech talents and companies are connected weekly on instaffo, so what are you waiting for? Go to https://instaffo.com/cto to get started.

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