Embrace the technical side 🔧 of the CTO role with Allan Leinwand, CTO of Webflow 🖱️ who has combined technical know-how with great products on every layer of the OSI Model: from setting up HP’s first ethernet, CISCO’s early networks, building the world’s first CDN  at Digital Island, and continuing up the stack to enterprise cloud ☁️  (ServiceNow), social gaming​​ 🎮 (zynga), communications 💬 (Slack), eCommerce 🛒 (Shopify) and now webdesign 🎨(Webflow). 

Listen to find out;

  • Why deep technical knowledge 🧠 allows better products 
  • How a monolith can combine individual code ownership and great deploy times 🤔
  • How to attract 🧲 talent with a ‘boring’ stack (+ Innovation Lab 101)
  • How to embrace the role of a pre-IPO CTO 🧑‍🚀🚀
  • How to stay technical as a CTO 🧑‍💻
  • Why he ships small fixes from their #UX-Papercut channel



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The codecentric Culture and Career Podcast is unique  for a company podcast. It is just employees talking freely about their daily life - from IT consulting projects they are working to imposter syndrome. We support this because we think it's pretty cool that codecentric simply lets the colleagues talk about  everything, no matter what it's about - project business, Imposter sydrome, further education or parental leave in the consulting business. For  us it is definitely worth a recommendation. Listen in - the codecentric Culture and Career Podcast. Note - its in German.

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