Want to become a better manager? Then manage yourself better! From managing the time you spend managing all the way to managing how you give your team new tasks… Let's get real with Johanna Rothman, whom they don’t call the Pragmatic Manager for nothing. You will love her straight-talking approach to management. After almost 40 years in management, she can boil down things to sharp principles that will make you either hand pump💯,  shoot the link to your buddy🤣… or smile sheepishly🫣. Yip, she got you. (Don’t worry, we won’t judge. Patterns exist because everyone does them. Which is why we need people who have been around the block to call us out 📢 on them). Listen to find out:

  • Why you need to manage yourself to better manage others
  • Micromanagement: A recipe for multitasking chaos🤯 and WIP overload.
  • Why Gantt Charts are bad👎. Use Flow Metrics and PERT instead.
  • Who actually needs to be in the C-Suite (HINT: Not 25 people 🤣)
  • how things have changed since the 70s: from the CTO Role to Feedback loops. 

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The codecentric Culture and Career Podcast is unique  for a company podcast. It is just employees talking freely about their daily life - from IT consulting projects they are working to imposter syndrome. We support this because we think it's pretty cool that codecentric simply lets the colleagues talk about  everything, no matter what it's about - project business, Imposter sydrome, further education or parental leave in the consulting business. For  us it is definitely worth a recommendation. Listen in - the codecentric Culture and Career Podcast. Note - its in German.

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