Stay on top of your professional development with these learning and productivity tips from Luca Rossi, whose refactoring.club newsletter 🌀 is read by 50k subscribers every week. After scaling Wanderio to 25M users 🚀 as founding CTO, Luca sat down to distill his experiences and in the process created the tech leadership content 📰 he so badly needed. With diagrams. 🖼️ In this alphalist CTO podcast, Luca shares what he has learned about leadership - including the self-leadership needed to structure one's time and effectively harvest the plethora of ideas published online into action.   Listen to find out:

  • What is the flaw in the 'State of Flow"?🌊
  • Why CTOs should write more ✍️
  • How he structures his day 🌞
  • Should CTOs be generalists?🤔
  • How he organises his tech leadership 'news clippings' 🗂️
  • Tobi getting real 🫣 about recurring 1:1s 



WorkGenius provides a unique freelance hiring and management solution that covers the entire process from start to finish. We use advanced technology to make it easier and faster for businesses to find skilled freelancers who have been thoroughly vetted. With WorkGenius, you get a comprehensive solution for managing freelancers throughout their engagement. We simplify the hiring process, project management, payroll, and reporting, allowing organizations to make the most of their freelance talent pool and effortlessly manage their existing freelancers. Start your journey with WorkGenius - head over to www.workgenius.com/alphalist connect with an expert, and find the perfect match for your engineering needs.

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The codecentric Culture and Career Podcast is unique  for a company podcast. It is just employees talking freely about their daily life - from IT consulting projects they are working to imposter syndrome. We support this because we think it's pretty cool that codecentric simply lets the colleagues talk about  everything, no matter what it's about - project business, Imposter sydrome, further education or parental leave in the consulting business. For  us it is definitely worth a recommendation. Listen in - the codecentric Culture and Career Podcast. Note - its in German.

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Instaffo is a recruiting platform that allows you to hire tech talent in less than 25 days. It is loved by over 600 companies - including HelloFresh, Amazon, and MyPoster. By leveraging sophisticated matchmaking and allowing you to chat directly with pre-qualified tech talent right on the platform they’ve made the hiring process 3X more effective. From ‘Matched’ to ‘Chat’ in one go. While classic job portals, in-house active sourcing and headhunters give you the headache of paying upfront, having high setup efforts and dealing with 30% hiring fees, with Instaffo this now history for you. As an alphalist listener, you get to enjoy the Instaffo recruiting platform absolutely free until you find that perfect hire. Already over 2.000 tech talents and companies are connected weekly on instaffo, so what are you waiting for? Go to https://instaffo.com/cto to get started.

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