Find out how to restructure your org using a matrix structure with Gertrud Kolb, CPTO of eyeo (the company behind common adblockers). You will find out how Gertrud implemented changes across an already large organisation - from the team typologies to team communications.  Listen to find out:

  • How to restructure using team topology 🧩best practices in a large organisation.
  • How to improve requirements engineering ✅
  • How to gradually consolidate  team communications  💬
  • How ad-blockers are working advertisers to enable privacy-friendly 🎯 targeting 
  • Behind-the-scenes at the world’s most popular adblocker



You have probably heard of Zoho. They have been around for 27 years and now offer an all-in-one platform with over 50 mission-critical apps that offer everything from sales to marketing and HR to accounting. All in one platform- connecting the entire enterprise, ensuring communication between departments.  But its the user privacy that  Zoho offers that makes it stand out. Not only do they not make money by using your data for advertising, but they also have EU datacenters which is a huge win for GDPR compliance See for yourself.  Come to their user conference, named Zoholics on 26th and 27th of September 2023 in Cologne, where you can sit down with experts and get to know the people behind the software. Plus, you get 25% off with the promo code OMR_CTO. Just go to: https://link.alphalist.com/zoho 

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