Get a handle on the latest developments in AI 🤩  in this CTO Podcast featuring Richard Socher, CEO of You.com (the world’s first AI- centric chat-based 💬 search engine). This is your opportunity to learn from the AI professor  🎓who co-authored the paper that introduced the term ‘prompt engineering’, created MetaMind 🧠(now powering Einstein at Salesforce) and pioneered many of the technologies everyone is hyping about today.  But for Richard, its not hype. Its just the fusion of technology and business that he has been working on for years.  Listen to discover:

  • How can chat-based search be monetised 💸?
  • How have MLOps evolved 🔄?
  • How will AI impact the job market? 💼🦾
  • Will we still need programmers?  👨🏻‍💻
  • What will happen to digital marketing in the age of AI?🤷
  • When will we reach AGI? ⏳ (hint: not as soon as you think)
  • + Search Engines: From the current tech complexity to future forms. 



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