Like the UX of a SPA but developing it is a nightmare🤔? Then you will love this podcast about  PESPA (Progressively Enhanced Single Page apps.🤩.  PESPA combines the UX of a SPA with a better DX👨‍💻. And Kent C. Dodds, 💁‍♂️(co-founder of Remix) will tell you all about it in a highly technical but easy-to-digest way. (He is a seasoned software educator and Javascript influencer after all).  With companies like Microsoft, Netflix, and LinkedIn incorporating PESPA concepts into their stack - it's the web’s next transition which you don’t want to miss out on. 

Listen to discover:

  • The Evolution ⏩of the Web Architecture: From Multi-Page Apps to Single Page Apps and everything in between
  • How older companies are injecting  💉SPA into their legacy MPA(Called PEMPA)
  • How to better the UI of error messages and validation
  • How can one achieve an 📵offline-first web app?
  • Remix vs. Nuxt vs. Flux


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