Find out how to optimize your cloud ☁️costs in this CTO podcast featuring David Linthicum (Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte, Author of Insider’s Guide to Cloud Computing, and #1 Cloud Influencer). This is your opportunity to hear about the efficient use of cloud computing from someone whose 35-year 🫡 career includes serving as CTO at five companies, writing 15 books, publishing 7000 articles, presenting at 1000 conferences and 2000 webinars, and teaching popular courses on computing at Louisiana State University and LinkedIn Learning. Listen to find out:

  • What are the biggest mistakes 🫣 people make with their cloud setups?
  • How can you use FinOps 💸to cut your cloud costs?
  • How to get Cloud Repatriation (cloud + on-prem)  and MultiCloud to work for you?🫶
  • Why the  MetaCloud/SuperCloud is the next big thing 🔥
  • Will cloud costs will drop soon?📉

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