Find out how to price your SaaS product effectively  💸 in this podcast featuring Patrick Campbell of ProfitWell (a SaaS for subscription analytics, retention, and pricing solutions). He shares pricing insights he has learned by looking over 🧐 the data of 73 000  SaaS companies over the past decade!

Listen to find out:

  • How to get the right 🎯price for your SaaS Product 
  • Freemium 🆓 or free trial? 
  • Should you have a legacy 👴🏻 tier?
  • Usage-based  📈 or tier-based 📊 pricing? 🤔
  • Why and how to change your price? 🔼
  • Insight into the current ‘recession’ 📉
  • Why it’s hard to sell an analytics product 🔍

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