Find out how to build a profitable mobile app or game 📱in this CTO podcast featuring Carlo Szelinsky, Co-CEO & Founder @ applike group. The applike group brings in $100M+ ARR through their apps and games and now also offers tech solutions for app creators. Listen to this podcast for a step by-step-guide to mobile apps: from performance marketing attribution to in-app analytics technology and everything you need to know about monetizing your app. Listen to find out: 

  • How to do attribution 🧐 well in 2023 (and how to deal with click🖱️ fraud)
  • The pros and cons of ad network mediation platforms 🧑‍⚖️
  • The different ways to monetize a mobile game 🎮
  • What tech stack he recommends for each app type.

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Are you looking to build a digital future for your company with software that matters — matters to your business, to your customers, and to society as whole? Perhaps you are lost in how to implement industrial digital transformation with optimum ROI?  Speak to Cloudflight - where it is all about the Digital Difference.  Cloudflight is an E2E full-service provider for industrial digital transformation. From customized software development through cloud-native and Artificial Intelligence solutions (AI) to eCommerce, we support companies in evolving their digital processes, products, services, and business models. Our expertise includes artificial intelligence, cloud-native, embedded software development, human-machine interface design (HMI), cognitive systems, and eCommerce solutions. We support companies at every step from the idea through development to the operational phase. We build on our experience and expertise to be your agile, reliable, and innovative long-term partner.

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