Find out what it takes to enable developer productivity in a highly autonomous environment 💪  like Netflix where there are no rules ✌️- only trust and accountability 🫵. Kathryn Koehler, Director of Developer Productivity Engineering @ Netflix shares insight into lean teams, internal tooling, and yes, developer productivity. 

Listen to find out: 

  • How to decide between Build 🛠vs Buy 🛒 in internal tooling
  • How to measure  📏developer productivity  (SPACE vs NPS vs DORA)
  • How to support developer’s choice in language 💬(context vs. control)
  • Why the ideal team 👥 size is n-1
  • + Why she never says she is ‘busy’ 🤹

Netflix is known for its unconventional fast-paced culture - so get ready for a wild ride. 

Mentioned On Air

  • Netflix Culture Memo - Article
  • SPACE Metrics for Developer Productivity - This framework developed by Nicole Forsgren measures productivity by Satisfaction; Performance; Activity; Communication and Efficiency and flow. Article
  • The Making of a Corporate Athlete - The Harvard Business Review article written 2001 by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz mentioned in the podcast Article
  • RocketBook - A new tool Kathryn started using which allows her to write things down physically without leaving a trail of notebooks behind Tool

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