Learn how to be the CTO that everyone wants to work for by listening to this talk by Ken Coleman. Known as America’s Career Coach, this Ramsey Personality is also the bestselling author of books like ‘From Paycheck to Purpose’,  ‘The Proximity Principle, and more. Discover the winning recipe you need to attract and retain talent in today’s market from someone who has spoken to over 5000 people live-on-air who are looking to leave or join leaders. Plus, find out how to hone your servant-leadership skills by asking your team the right questions, balancing patience and progress, and choosing the right mentor.   Listen to find out: 

  • What are the 6 Rules of Engagement that will help you retain 🧲(and attract) talent in today’s market 
  • The difference between Purpose 🧭, Vision 🔭 and Mission and how to use them to create a future-proof company. 
  • What is the secret to leading successful autonomous and remote teams? 
  • How to attract the right talent with a winning job description.

This is a golden talk for technical leaders looking to up their game. 

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