Eben Upton, Co-founder & CEO of Raspberry 🍓Pi Ltd  (which produces low-cost, high-performance Raspberry Pi single-board computers and microcontrollers for kids - and adults) shares what it’s like to build hardware that makes computing accessible to more people (Did you know that some components are camera shy 📸??). In the past decade, they have made 45 million Raspberry Pis while improving on the original’s performance 40X!!!  Learn top tips about building great hardware (it is called hard for a reason) and why you need 10 domain experts, $1 million dollars, and a risk appetite to ⚙️ power the creations of millions of people.    Listen to find out:

  • Why technical leaders with multiple demands on their time should stay away from the code 👩‍💻
  • Why do they no longer manufacture hardware in the Far East 🌏
  • What will outdated semi-conductor manufacturing facilities 🏭 be used for?
  • How they are handling the supply chain disruptions 🚢 and the conflict in Eastern Europe (e.g. bot scalping, rerouting, prioritization). P.S.  If you like gambling - try the semi-conductor industry 😜. . 



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