Mike Perham, the creator of Sidekiq 🦵🏼 (a background job managers for Ruby) shares how he commercialised the open-source as a solopreneur doing what he loves 💙 without the costs & management headaches 🤦 of a team or the pressures of a VC investment. Discover tips for building sustainable software (e.g. minimise dependencies) and choosing the right business model that enables you to support and maintain your software for years to come.    Listen to find out::

  • How to get to $4M ARR with 20% YoY growth by creating a helpful add-on ➕ to a popular open-source framework (i.e. Rails).
  • Why you should avoid dependencies originating from a 💸VC-backed company or non-commercialized OS project
  • Why you activate a ticking time-bomb 💣 when you get VC funding (better to bootstrap and get the revenue without the pressure)

Mentioned On Air

  • Sidekiq - GEM created by Mike which makes background job scheduling easier for Ruby developers Tool



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