I spoke with Daniel Krauss, the Chief Organisational Plumber at FlixBus - a leading Mobility-as-a-Service 🚍🚆 .  Learn how to grow a company from a ‘fastest-shippable-product monolith’🙃  to a neat ‘independent service’ architecture 😀 with ‘Team Self Design’ events, empowered teams & domain-orientated org structure. 

Listen to find out::

  • How to push technological innovation in a highly-regulated industry⛔

  • How to adapt your tech architecture and organizational structure of your product as you scale ⇗

  • Why you should never compromise on hiring the best 💪 engineers.

  • How he chose FlixBus tech stack



Sastrify helps companies to optimize the cost of software procurement by negotiating with suppliers of each software. They saved OMR around €20.000 a year. A lot for a company of 150 people using tools like  GSuite, Adobe Creative Cloud, NewRelic and more.  It is a simple and hassle-free process.  They promise to save more money than they cost.  And as an alphalist.CTO podcast listener, you get  a 50% discount for the first 3 months! So give them a try. 

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Google Cloud

Take advantage of the booming app industry by using the cloud that saves you time, money and also scales well.  Power up your app or serverless function fast using  Google Cloud.  You also get to keep your cloud costs down by leveraging their many native tools to keep your product lean as you develop, deploy, or integrate it into your ongoing operations.

Now you can save on management costs, reduce downtime and protect your data with Google Cloud’s many maintenances and security features. 

And as you scale and your business requirements change - Google Cloud will adapt with you. If you out-scale their App Engine Platform, the managed Kubernetes will help you reach the next level. 

What to know more about the best way to deploy an App using the cloud? There will be a FREE webinar about  “Modern Application Delivery on Google Cloud” on March 3rd 2022  from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Central European time. Register to watch it live or on-demand at g.co/appwebinar.  

P.S. Google Cloud is the best cloud platform for Data Analysis. Try it out and let us know

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Scaling? Not enough devs around? Thinking of nearshoring but not sure how to make it work? Deazy makes nearshoring work for you with their global ecosystem of vetted developers to flexibly augment your team. Even after their platform matches you with the right developers for your tech and cultural needs, their experienced UK-based team remains at your side proving oversight and support.   Now you can deliver your vision with ease with nearshore devs who work well with your in-house core team.  Kick off your next project in as little as 2 weeks with Deazy's streamlined hiring. Plus, you can get a10% discount on your first 3 hires with the code EasyDev2022 Try it out and see why many European scale-ups trust Deazy with their nearshoring needs. 

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