Taylor Otwell - Creator, and CEO of Laravel (a popular PHP framework) - gives tips on how to commercialize an open-source by sharing his winning recipe of a lean team, great UX/UI, time management, product management, and of course, commercial products. He also gives insight into the use of the various frameworks for full-stack engineering (SPOILER ALERT: Full-stack boot camps should be teaching more than Javascript).

Listen to find out::

  • How to get to 6M$ ARR starting with an open-source project (HINT: It’s not through sponsored repositories)
  • Why to build a SaaS with a single full-stack engineer 🦸 you need to abandon Javascript 
  • Why it's better to follow product vision 🧭 and ROI when building features rather than detractors' requests.
  • What goes on behind the scenes 🛠️ at Laravel (product management, team structure, async etc.) 
  • A day in the life ⏰  of Taylor Otwell

Mentioned On Air

  • Laravel - The PHP framework that Taylor created. Tool
  • inertia - The tool Taylor recommends as the easiest way to build an SPA Tool



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