Ilya Grigorik has a serious need for ⚡ speed ⚡! Ilya Grigorik is the Principal Engineer at Shopify, founder and former CTO of PostRank (acquired by Google), former co-chair of W3C Web Performance working group and web performance enthusiast. Learn how to optimize your website for speed 💨 with tips from the web performance engineer who worked on Google’s ‘Make Web Faster’ team (y’know, the one that brought you Core Web Vitals, Page Speed Insights).

Listen to find out:

  • Why every CTO needs to know how mobile networks operate 📲 before building anything mobile.
  • How to use perceptual latency 👁️ to your advantage
  • What features you should be using to #MakeTheWebFaster ⏩
  • How Shopify is pivoting to serve developers with its new Hydrogen and Oxygen frameworks.
  • Why headless eCommerce isn’t actually head-less - it's got many heads (omnichannel).

Mentioned On Air

  • High Performance Browser Networking - Book written by Ilya Grigorik while he was working on 'Make the Web Faster' at Google Book
  • Ilya Grigorik's Blog - Tobias is a huge fan of Ilya Grigorik's Blog where he expresses his thoughts on a variety of technical topics Article
  • Google's 'Make the Web Faster ' - This was a project Ilya was involved in. Tool
  • Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) - A public data set containing anonymous web performance metrics of a given site based on real Chrome users. Available as online PageSpeed tool, BigQuery and DataStudio Template. Data Set
  • Roam Resarch - It helps Ilya through the process of accumulating information, condensing it, linking it, and then actually writing Tool



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