I spoke with Frédéric Rivain, CTO at Dashlane, a password management 🔐 solution.  Learn about the future of passwords, why they are focussing on browsers instead of platforms, and how ‘half-baked agile’ works at Dashlane. 

Listen to find out:

  • Why they are moving towards browser-centric delivery (away from OS 🖥️) 
  • The impact of Manifest Version 3 on the extensions 🧩 community.
  • Why the future🔮 won’t be entirely passwordless
  • How they minimize the impact of breaches with their zero-knowledge📦 approach to engineering
  • + How they structure their teams👥, processes📕 and OKRs ✔️ at Dashlane. 

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viadee IT Consulting

Love variety? Speak German? Want to help a mix of companies in different sectors with their IT needs? If you have a background in business informatics,  computer science,  mathematics,  physics, etc. and want to help clients  navigate IT challenges as a consultant and freelancer - listen up. 

 viadee IT Consulting is looking for someone with your expertise to join their team.  In addition to technical know-how, the ideal candidate will possess a  strong team spirit.  analytical mindset,  openness, and a good dose of curiosity. 

They offer a growth-oriented and flexible environment (ranked Top 3 for the ‘ Beste Arbeitgeber in der ITK 2020’), appreciative colleagues (who also grew up with the internet and share many nerdy memories), and a people-centric company culture in which people deal constructively, openly and honestly with one another. 

As the core of their clients is from the North Rhine-Westphalia, working knowledge of German is essential.

Let's work together to transform the  digital future of companies in the North Rhine-Westphalia region

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