Marco Palladino, Co-Founder & CTO at Kong 🐒, the market-leading API Management Gateway Solution, shares with us deep insights into the world of APIs, the future of APIs, and what it takes to build a great API,  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear about the API 🔀 industry from someone who has been involved since its infancy. 

Listen to find out:

  • How to build an API for each use case (external, microservice & mobile).
  • Why it's only the beginning of the API economy 💹 
  • Why the best infrastructure software has its roots in the open-source ☸️.
  • How he managed to commercialise💸 an open-source project without alienating its community 👥

Mentioned On Air

  • Prometheus - Uses it for collecting metrics Tool
  • Grafana - Uses it for visualizing observability Tool

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Finally, a headless CMS that works for both developers and business users.

Storyblok offers a combination of visual editing tools and highly customizable content blocks. This is built on modern headless architecture that gives developers the flexibility to build fast and reliable digital platforms. 

The big benefit of headless CMS is that content can be streamed to any platform via API without having to manage the content multiple times. For example, customers use Storyblok for their websites, online stores, apps, or send the same content to Twitter, WeChat or Alexa skills. 

Storyblok is now used by over 50,000 developers, product owners and managers in over 80,000 projects in 130 countries.  Customers include Adidas, Marley Spoon, Deliveroo and more.

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