We spoke to Matthias Jugel, the co-founder of ubirch, the company behind the 🇩🇪 German digital vaccination passes 💉His technology has generated over 30 million vaccine passes giving German their summer holidays back! And they launched in a matter of weeks! We discussed what was involved in creating digital vaccine passports that worked OFFLINE and allow movement around the EU 🇪🇺; Blockchain verification ✔️ and its applications in pharmaceuticals⚕️, car insurance 🚘and manufacturing 🏭 and what he learnt from launching a national program in a month! 📆

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Fastly is the biggest challenger in the CDN market and  one of the key drivers of the "edge cloud trend". Well-known customers of Fastly are Shopify, The New York Times, Reddit, Github and many many more.  It is also the favorite solution of the alphalist.cto founder Tobi.  

If you want to try it all with first class support, just go to https://fastly.com/alphalist

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Sastrify helps companies to optimize the cost of software procurement by negotiating with suppliers of each software. They saved OMR around €20.000 a year. A lot for a company of 150 people using tools like  GSuite, Adobe Creative Cloud, NewRelic and more.  It is a simple and hassle-free process.  They promise to save more money than they cost.  And as an alphalist.CTO podcast listener, you get  a 50% discount for the first 3 months! So give them a try. 

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