I had the chance to talk to Eric Johnson, the CTO of GitLab about

  • How to manage remote teams: async, stand-ups, onboarding, burn out, internships, compensation, and more
  • How Gitlab uses git for everything from Marketing to Policy
  • The difference between servant-leadership and situational leadership and when to use what

- A message to those who think parenthood might take away from their career

If you loved his straight-talking ReadMe about himself, you will also like this thought-provoking episode on leadership, management, and of course remote work from someone who manages a completely remote team of 560, in a company of 1300+

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Fastly is the biggest challenger in the CDN market and  one of the key drivers of the "edge cloud trend". Well-known customers of Fastly are Shopify, The New York Times, Reddit, Github and many many more.  It is also the favorite solution of the alphalist.cto founder Tobi.  

If you want to try it all with first class support, just go to https://fastly.com/alphalist

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Sastrify helps companies to optimize the cost of software procurement by negotiating with suppliers of each software. They saved OMR around €20.000 a year. A lot for a company of 150 people using tools like  GSuite, Adobe Creative Cloud, NewRelic and more.  It is a simple and hassle-free process.  They promise to save more money than they cost.  And as an alphalist.CTO podcast listener, you get  a 50% discount for the first 3 months! So give them a try. 

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