This time in the podcast I have a very bright guest I admire for years: Eric Bowman, SVP Engineering at TomTom, Former VP Engineering at Zalando AND one of the developers behind the game "The Sims" 🧍‍♂️ He is a brilliant mind when it comes to tech leadership and has strong opinions on autonomy and empowerment.

Topics we touched:

  • How 90s gaming development compares to 20s large scale tech teams
  • What TomTom does these days and the technical challenges in location-based services & mapping these days
  • How to establish tech culture and open source in a large enterprise
  • The challenges of the automotive industry in a software world 🚗
  • 📈 The importances of the accelerate KPIs in modern engineering orgs and how to move fast 📈

It was a pleasure talking to you, Eric!

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MongoDB is the successor of the NoSQL movement. It's a very attractive, flexible and simple database system that can be integrated in no time. It makes  DevOps more dev and less ops!  It offers a custom tailored deployment without overprovisioning, sandbox for developers, organized in microservices and clear focus on developer fun and quality. 

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