Trust your intuition, you will gain a lot from this CTO podcast featuring Jason Fried, co-founder and CEO of 37signals, a company known for having groundbreaking policies and products (Basecamp, HEY, Once, etc.). He is also bootstrapping hero and author of multiple books (Getting Real, REWORK, REMOTE, It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work). Listen to find out:

  • Intuitive🔮 over ‘data-driven’ 🔢decision making
  • Hook 🪝 vs Towel Rail 🎏: The Power of Simple, Versatile Products
  • CEO-CTO Relationship: How to counteract the negativity brought on by the typical push-pull 🤼
  • Why they do Customer interviews post-launch
  • Take-home assessments at 37signals: paid and overloaded  🏋️
  • + Bezos’ shares in 37signals



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