Mastering robotics, IoT and AI at once - Podcast with Ahti Heinla

2020-10-08 - Ahti Heinlah went through his first computer programming Bootcamp when he was ten years old. This was back in 1982. His mother came home one day and decided to teach him how to program computers. In just a few days, he created his very first computer program. They didn’t have a computer at home, so they went to his mother’s workplace to run the program. It worked. The whole experience excited him and introduced him to the world of electronics engineering and computer programming. In this podcast, Tobias engages Ahti on how he has managed to be successful in three different and complex areas at the same time: IoT, robotics, and AI. Ahti is the co-founder and current CTO of Starship Technologies, a company that’s doing groundbreaking work in robotics. Tobias talks to him about his formative years and his journey to becoming one of Estonia’s most respected founders.
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