Building unstoppable open source organizations

2021-02-11 - Mitchell Hashimoto started his nerd path when he was just 12 years old, teaching himself some basic programming concepts. He then pursued computer science at the college level before getting his first job at Ruby as a junior engineer, which helped kick off his passion for infrastructure automation. Now, Mitchell is the CTO and co-founder of HashiCorp, a software company with the most widely used multi-cloud infrastructure automation products globally—including Terraform, Vagrant, Vault, Consul, and Nomad. In this podcast, Tobi speaks with Mitchell about how HashiCorp has grown, from a team of less than 15 to over 1000 employees in under ten years. He also shares with Tobi the secret sauce for building successful open source projects, where to draw the line in open core businesses, and how to prevent cloud providers from sucking your blood. Mitchell also talks about how he balances between growing his company and being an active Github user.
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