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Daniel Gebler is a member of alphalist CTO community network

"alphalist makes it super easy to connect to any form of technical leader. There is an ongoing flow of interesting updates - early indication of trends. It is also a community that whenever you have a problem, small or big, you can just reach out. Everybody's there for each other. It just works"

Daniel Gebler
CTO, Picnic

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As a CTO I find the accumulated knowledge of the network valuable. Decision-making and strategy becomes easier when you can learn from how people achieved the same thing in the past so you won’t repeat their mistakes.

Lars Klein CTO
Lars Klein
CTO and Founder, Wingly

I once asked the group if anyone can share their experience with topic xyz and within a matter of hours I got keen insight and even had a video call which yielded a fruitful discussion - all with no interest in selling me anything.

Andreas Westendörpf, CTO of Emma, is a member of the alphalist CTO community network
Andreas Westendörpf
CTO, Emma

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