Head of Product




Submitted on 2021-12-06


Saas.group is looking for a Head of Product to help companies in their portfolio to maximise their potential through a variety of means including coaching the product teams to come up with product innovations, optimising the effectiveness of existing products and introducing product led growth and discovery principles. The Head of Product is also tasked to build up an effective central product org that is capable of building prototypes & MVPs, running experiments and discovering new directions for our brands.

Contact Person:
Tobias Schlottke
  • English
  • Job Type:
    • Mentor & Coach teams to:
      • Build, maintain and communicate product vision and strategy, in line with SaaS.group and our start-ups strategies
      • Help define, refine and prioritize requirements for our startups in order to ensure the team can improve existing products
      • Break down the roadmap to actionable items together with the CTO and CPO
      • Define and keep track of product metrics and of course, provide suggestions to improve them.
    • Gathering new insights to understand how our companies can serve their customers better. In addition, we expect you to stay up to date with current market trends and risks in the scraping and programmatic data collection world
    • Develop a good relationship with other Product Owners within SaaS.group to establish and drive common standards across the brands.
    • Assist in drafting the brand’s vision and mission as well as de- and refining the product’s customer segments, value proposition and customer acquisition channels.
    • Utilize customer feedback as well as the team’s profound understanding of the product to identify key product initiatives necessary to accelerate growth.
    • Translate identified key objectives into high level user stories and assist in crafting an actionable roadmap which can transparently be shared throughout the organization.
    • Establish and apply Product Led Growth principles to the brands’ product discovery and development processes in order to improve business metrics.
    • Excellent English and great people skills, since you will be communicating with all departments in the company at both management and employee level, as well as interacting with partners, customers, the press and analysts.
    • You have a good blend of business and technical understanding to create and present decision proposals based on research, data and instinct.
    • Startup/Entrepreneurial thinking
    • Understanding & ideally implementation knowledge of Product Led Growth and Product Discovery concepts
    Required Experience
    • 5+ years of experience as a product owner/manager in software development. Previous saas experience would be a plus
    • Previous experience in developing new innovations in diverse/virtual product/development teams
    More Details

    Saas.group is the sort of company where other companies feel safe. Currently nurturing over 6 start-ups (sniply.io, juicer.io, prerender.io, deploybot.com, git-tower.com, rewardful.com), we are determined to help provide a full specter of services to help these companies reach their full potential, that includes a Lead Product Manager. This is where you come in: the spectrum of your tasks ranges from coaching the product teams to come up with product innovations, to optimising the effectiveness of existing products, to basically reach a new level of success of the current product lines. In addition to this, you will coordinate, develop visions and sustain strategies in order to build on the success in close co-operation with all company departments. If you like leaving an impact on the start-up scene, there is no better place than with us. Your job is to push our companies to accelerate through introducing product led growth and discovery principles. Besides coaching our startups, it is your task to build up an effective central product org that is capable of building prototypes & mvps, run experiments and discover new directions with our brands. You take over responsibility over a small existing team that consists of a UI/UX Designer and a frontend engineer already.

    Benefits and Compensation
    • Remote working from home (or anywhere you’d like!)
    • Unlimited Paid Time Off (yes, we are at that level of professionalism)
    • Product development, 100% impact, minimum bureaucracy, start-up environment, nice & friendly team
    • Mentorship & Learning from excellent colleagues