Merantix Founder Rasmus Rothe Shares AI and Machine Learning Trends to Monitor in 2021

2021-06-17 - As tools, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become intertwined with most people's everyday lives. Available research confirms this: AI comes inbuilt in 77% of the devices we use today. ([source]( In some circles, it has been described as "[the new electricity](". ([source]( And this is not just hype! The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that in 2021, the AI market (encompassing hardware, software, and services) will record a [16.4% growth to $327.5 billion]( By 2024, that market will be worth more than $500 billion, a significant feat for a technology that was struggling to enter the mainstream just a decade ago. In 2011 computer vision applications started to work, and neural networks began returning noteworthy results for image classification. However, it wasn't until 2013 that the AI and ML space began to take off. In a conversation with Tobi, Rasmus Rothe, the founder of Merantix, a Berlin-based AI company builder, shares his take on the AI and machine learning trends to keep tabs on in 2021
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