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We are an exclusive community of top-notch senior tech leaders. We’ll never grow our member base if it harms the quality and depth of discussions and knowledge exchange amongst our members. Thus, we need to put some serious rigor on our selection criteria and process.

Acceptance Criteria

Our Ideal Member

To be considered as new αlphalist.cto member you need to add value and provide knowledge for our community and fulfil the following criteria.


You are CTO/VP Engineering or have a similar role. You are solely responsible for tech in your company.


You are leading a tech team with 20+FTEs or you have led a large and successful tech team in the past and are currently building a new tech startup.


Your company's business model is based on a technical product with a software and/or hardware core.


You have a great reputation and are known in your network for being a knowledgeable, supportive and trustworthy tech expert.


You share our  principles and agree to abide to our Code of Conduct
  • Every application is reviewed by a selection committee in accordance with the criteria listed above.
  • No αlphalist founder or member of the selection committee is able to vote for an exception for friends.
  • In efforts to keep alphalist a welcome space for CTOs, αpplications by CTO consultants and agencies providing such services are discouraged.
  • TOP TIP: Getting a referral from an existing αlphalist.cto member is by far the best way to convince our committee – if you meet the criteria above.
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